Allaying Concerns with "Yes...but..."

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   but      case      concern      concerning      honest      honestly      know      mean      particularly      poses      threat   
A: I’m worried that increasing labor costs will result in outsourcing.
B: Well, I suppose that higher labor costs can lead to outsourcing,
, honestly, I don’t think that a significant threat in this .

C: Don’t you think the rise in oil prices is a significant danger to us?
D: Yes, I can see what you
about that, but, you , it’s not really such a large , to be honest.

E: So aren’t you worried that the American recession will have a big effect on our business?
F: Yes, of course, it’s a
, but, to be , it’s not a big one, in my opinion.

G: Well, I’m still worried about how the fall in demand will affect our long-term outlook.
H: Yes, the fall in demand is
, but, , I don’t think it poses a significant in this case.